Honeymoon: Vieques, Puerto Rico

We couldn't have asked for a better place to kick-off our married life than Puerto Rico! I love Chicago, but I've been missing the vibrant colors and beautiful nature that Puerto Rico offers.  

We spent our first night in San Juan, a beautiful city with rich history and amazing food. 

Our first night we ate dinner at a rooftop restaurant in the historic district of San Juan. We had Mofongo, a Puerto Rican dish with shrimp and plantains and other delicious things. It was a pretty surreal moment for me at that first dinner of our honeymoon. I couldn't believe I was in such a beautiful place with my husband.  It felt so adventurous and new to be in a foreign place with no one but my sweet man. 

The rest of our trip was spent on an island just off of Puerto Rico called Vieques. We took a ferry to get there and rented a Jeep to get around. I am now obsessed with Jeeps and desperately want one for myself, but that's a different story.

If I had to describe Vieques in a word, I would use untouched. Although there are two small towns on the island, the plants and wildlife are almost jungle-like. It's a small island but the amount of gorgeous beachfront that's open is hard to beat. 

If we learned anything about ourselves on this trip it was that Ted is fearless and I am not. I always thought of myself as adventurous, but Ted had me beat when it came to cliff diving and snorkeling. I especially had trouble with snorkeling. I couldn't stop scanning the waters for sharks...maybe I'll be less paranoid next time.  

Puerto Rico will always hold a special place in my heart. We'll definitely be back!

Here's a little film I put together of our trip : 

Guatemala, Here We Come...

After much thought and prayer, my love and I have decided to spend a year in the beautiful country of Guatemala!  I will be working with a music program, bringing them much needed instruments,  and Ted will be starting a church youth program. More details to come!


My love and I were fortunate enough to spend some time in the beautiful state of Colorado with 7 of our closest friends. It was my first time visiting Colorado and those beautiful mountains and all I can say is wow. It was amazing! The natural beauty is stunning and the people are so friendly.

Ted taught me how to ski while we were there. He’s a pro and I’m…well…not. But he was so patient and encouraging that I can now say I love to ski.

We’ll be back Colorado. We loved you.