Our New Favorite

Ted introduced me to Ramen and I can't get enough. There were times in college when half of my diet consisted of Ramen. Well, the Ramen Noodle packets....real Ramen is better for you and much fancier. And I crave it everyday.

Prayers for Paris

It's hard to wrap my mind around what the victims and their families must be feeling. My heart breaks for them. Times like this is when I second guess my desire to bring children into this world. What if it all just gets worse? My only hope is in the fact that God is good, and His goodness triumphs, always. 

I Swear I Have a Colorful Mind...

I've been in the mood to wear black all the time...I don't know why or when this desire started, but for some reason I feel like people take me more seriously when I wear black. But that's probably all in my imagination.

Weekend in Colorado

I love living in Chicago, but if I could change one thing, I would bring all my friends and family here. Once graduation came around everyone moved on to their adult lives and I only see my dear friends once in awhile. Why can't everyone stay in the same city??

My best friend and college roommate, Rachel, is student teaching in Colorado. I had been looking forward to visiting her in Colorado for weeks and am so glad we went. You know those friends that you don't see for months and yet it feels like you never left each other? That's Rachel for me. Fun fact: I've never been out of the country without Rachel (besides our honeymoon). We've been all the way to China together. I'm thinking about packing her in my suitcase for Guatemala ;)

I almost always wear the wrong shoes for every activity we partake in. Hiking was no exception. I slid down a rock and still can't bend my arm fully. Yay!

Another fun fact: if you fly with a cold, your ears don't pop properly upon landing. Two days after flying and my ears are still popping.

Even so, I'm so glad we went. The popping ears are worth it. 



I saw this on Facebook and nearly died. How cute is this couple?! I can't wait until Ted and I can be a cute old couple like these two. And I hope we can still rock a swimsuit like them!

I'm Not Old


I have less than a month to be a 23 year old. I know, 24 is not old. But I can't help but feel like it is. You see, for my generation, you're expected to know what you want to do with the rest of your life when you're 18. In my case, that was just impossible. I could barely decide what I wanted to wear on a given day, let alone what career would be a good fit for me. I graduated with a major that I don't plan on using. I am getting ready to take more classes to steer me in the direction of what I actually want to do. And I can't help but feel that I'm not as far along in life as I should be. That maybe I haven't accomplished enough at this point as I should have.

But I can't forget that God planned my days before I ever got to them. And that just because my life hasn't gone exactly as I planned, it has gone exactly as it should have. Oh, and I'm not old. 

This Halloween

I guessed that last year's Halloween costume would be hard to top, and I was right. We thought our costume was very clever, but no one else knew what we were supposed to be.

Ross and Rachel from Friends! It turns out that it's fairly awkward showing up at a Halloween party and receiving only blank stares. We'll get them next year.

Our pumpkin carving venture nearly cost Ted his life. That's an exaggeration, but he did accidentally stab himself with a small knife. Thankfully we avoided the emergency room on Halloween night. Can you just imagine what that must look like?

Last Halloween...

Last Halloween will be hard to top. We gave everyone a preview of what we'll look like in 50 years...it was so much fun.

We went to a college party that night. I still laugh when I look back at that party. All the girls had cute little costumes and there I was with flour in my hair. It's OK though, I'm an old soul at heart.


  • I told myself I would never be a selfie person, and now I take more pictures of my own face than anything else. Whatever.
  • I just got done working out and I actually really enjoyed it. I found a hip-hop workout video that I love. I'm unleashing my inner Beyonce.
  • I'm still going on a dairy strike (for the most part). I never thought I'd see the day where I don't crave ice cream but it's here. And I'm not mad about it.
  • Preparation for moving out of the country is getting more and more real. 
  • I started another blog. There are moments where I feel really confident about it and others when I think I've gotten myself into something that I can't see thru. But I'm determined to squash the negative thoughts and go for what I want. 

Bad Quality iPhone Photos, High Quality Date Night

Date night is actually more fun when you're married, or at least that's my opinion. There's no awkward silences, no pressure, no expectations to dress up and look your best. Maybe it's just me, but dating always felt like an interview process to me. Let's be honest, putting your best foot forward can be tiring. Marriage is so real and honest. And it's so much more fun that way.

I can't keep a straight face when Ted takes selfies of us. His face stays the same and I change in every picture.

We saw The Martian by the way. So good. Like, really intense and kind of mind blowing.

Snippets of Life : Botanical Gardens

We had a fun weekend that went by way too fast. I had never been to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and as the weather is growing colder each week, we took advantage of the sunny weather while we had it. 

We ate at 'Food Stuffs', a cute grocery store that felt more like a restaurant. We got a small chocolate cake that we may or may not have eaten with our hands in the car. Oops.


We're currently in a sort of odd season of life...we call it 'pre-tirement'. We live almost like retired people but we're only in our early twenties. We just graduated and don't have 9-5 jobs yet. We have no children and a lot of free time. It's the season before life really gets busy for us and I'm really trying to savor it. We spend a lot of time together and it's brought us so much closer. We cook side by side, go grocery shopping together, watch Friends and American Horror Story cuddled up on our little couch. We fold each others laundry and talk about what we want our future to look like. I know I won't always get this much time with my love, and I'm trying to be thankful for every single moment. I'm so very thankful for my husband. 

Art of the Week

I'd love to be the type of person who always has fresh flowers on their table. Like every week I buy a new bundle to freshen up the apartment. I don't think that would be such a bad habit to start...

Snippets of Life : Apple Picking

Apples are better when you pick them yourself. It's a fact. There's something about eating the fruit right off the tree that just feels right

Apple Orchards are what I imagine the Garden of Eden to be like. Abundant fruit everywhere, literally so much that you can't eat it fast enough before it falls off the branch to the critters below. 


I thought we were somewhat unique by going apple picking...I mean I know it's a popular fall activity, but I didn't expect the hundreds of people lined up at the farm we went to. If all my plans for a career fail, I'm opening an orchard.

We have 6 pounds of apples in our kitchen now...I'll be on Pinterest looking for applesauce recipes for sure. 

And thanks love for being my photographer ;) 

What I'm Loving About Life Right Now

  • That my love's first words in the morning are "I love you"
  • Cooking dinner in the crock pot and feeling like a real grown up
  • The chilly fall air
  • Realizing how good God is and always has been, even when I didn't see it

Snippets Of Life : Weekend In Galena

We escaped the city for the weekend and spent some time in Galena, Illinois. No offense to this state, but I didn't know Illinois could be so beautiful. Maybe I just forgot what rolling farm land and small town America looked like. Either way, it was so refreshing to be able to see more than a few stars and sleep without the soundtrack of the city ;) 

We rode the Alpine Slide at Chestnut Ski Resort. This is something that 6 year old children were doing with ease and I somehow managed to make a scene. I didn't realize how slow I was going until I caused a back up on the slide...ridiculous. But hilarious. 

What is it about small tourist towns that make me want to buy everything in sight? I spent $7 on saltwater taffy...that's a lot of taffy.

I was so unprepared to go four-wheeling through the woods. No jeans, no hat. This outfit was the result ^^

Such a great weekend with lot's of laughs. And thanks to Victoria for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin! You're a great hostess :) xoxo

Art Of The Week

I don't know what it is about Clare Elsaesser's paintings, but I've loved them since I first laid eyes on them. 

Meatball Night

There's something cozy to me about making a late dinner in our little apartment. Last night we made spaghetti and meatballs for the first time as a couple! It was really good and we ate way too much, as usual. We really love to cook together and I'm so glad. It's like date night without even leaving the house ;)