First Post

 Well, here I go! My first blog post, ever. I’m pretty excited about recording special moments of my life on this little blog. 

Exciting things are happening in mine and my love’s life! We plan to get married in August…woah! That’s right, we’ll be an official unit come summertime. We couldn’t be more excited about it either. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to spend everyday with their best friend? And have I mentioned that he’s really cute too?

We’re both finishing up our last semester of college in Chicago. May graduation couldn’t come soon enough! I’m currently home with my parents in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Christmas break. My last Christmas break. Ever. What a bittersweet break this has been! Bitter because I miss my love terribly. Bitter because come next Christmas, I won’t be a little girl waiting eagerly to open her presents on Christmas morning with her little sister. But sweet. So, so sweet. My love asked my parents for my hand in marriage and they said yes. Not only did they say yes, but they couldn’t be happier for us. Sweet because I’ve missed my family terribly and i’m cherishing this time with them. And sweet because I have so much to look forward to and am so utterly blessed.

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