Snippets Of Life : Weekend In Galena

We escaped the city for the weekend and spent some time in Galena, Illinois. No offense to this state, but I didn't know Illinois could be so beautiful. Maybe I just forgot what rolling farm land and small town America looked like. Either way, it was so refreshing to be able to see more than a few stars and sleep without the soundtrack of the city ;) 

We rode the Alpine Slide at Chestnut Ski Resort. This is something that 6 year old children were doing with ease and I somehow managed to make a scene. I didn't realize how slow I was going until I caused a back up on the slide...ridiculous. But hilarious. 

What is it about small tourist towns that make me want to buy everything in sight? I spent $7 on saltwater taffy...that's a lot of taffy.

I was so unprepared to go four-wheeling through the woods. No jeans, no hat. This outfit was the result ^^

Such a great weekend with lot's of laughs. And thanks to Victoria for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin! You're a great hostess :) xoxo