Weekend in Colorado

I love living in Chicago, but if I could change one thing, I would bring all my friends and family here. Once graduation came around everyone moved on to their adult lives and I only see my dear friends once in awhile. Why can't everyone stay in the same city??

My best friend and college roommate, Rachel, is student teaching in Colorado. I had been looking forward to visiting her in Colorado for weeks and am so glad we went. You know those friends that you don't see for months and yet it feels like you never left each other? That's Rachel for me. Fun fact: I've never been out of the country without Rachel (besides our honeymoon). We've been all the way to China together. I'm thinking about packing her in my suitcase for Guatemala ;)

I almost always wear the wrong shoes for every activity we partake in. Hiking was no exception. I slid down a rock and still can't bend my arm fully. Yay!

Another fun fact: if you fly with a cold, your ears don't pop properly upon landing. Two days after flying and my ears are still popping.

Even so, I'm so glad we went. The popping ears are worth it.