First Chrismas

Our first Christmas has come and did that happen?! Does anyone else get slightly depressed to see the Christmas season go? I know I do. We'll be keeping our decorations up for just a bit longer.

We spent our Christmas with family, both his side and mine. And guess who was Mary and Joseph in the Christmas play? The Fischers! We took our parts very seriously and even memorized all our lines despite the teleprompter we had available to us. 

I insisted that we buy matching Christmas pajamas and make it our tradition from now on. Ted was hesitant at first, but he ordered them for me anyways (that's how much he loves me). He came around and we both love them now.

My cute family decorating Christmas cookies ^^

Our adorable new cousin, Piper Grace! ^^

And now, we pack for a year out of the country. The next few weeks will be a whirlwind! Merry Christmas!