My wedding dress arrived in the mail today...

...and it fit like a glove. Thank God. I never thought that I would be the kind of bride that panics at the thought of something going wrong on her wedding day, but these wedding nightmares I've been having aren't helping the situation. I've dreamed of my dress turning brown the day of my wedding, accidentally buying a hot pink veil and even forgetting to buy a wedding dress altogether. I mean come on. 

Love, let's just elope.

But despite these moments of panic, I'm cherishing every moment planning this special day. I've wanted to marry this man for years now and I know this season of life will be over before we know it. So despite these nightmares that show up uninvited and interrupt my sleep, I'm savoring even the nervous jitters. Because all in all, this is a pretty magical and blessed time. And who am I kidding, planning a wedding is just plain fun.