I graduate college tomorrow...

Ted and I graduate college tomorrow....I still can't believe it. 

I turned in my final assignment last night and the feeling was surreal. I can't even begin to explain how free I felt. I'm trying my hardest to miss college, to reminisce on the last five years and get sentimental and teary, but I just can't. I am so, so ready for the next chapter.  

I can't even begin to talk about these last five years without recognizing the fact that I am so incredibly blessed to have received this education. As a woman in a world where my gender is often robbed of the chance of a future, I am so grateful for the diploma I'll be receiving. 

But if there is one thing that I have learned as a college student, it is that it is not easy to be a woman. There are many good, loving men out there, but there are also really bad men too. There are expectations placed upon us as women that are impossible to satisfy. And the competition among women, on almost all levels. It breaks my heart.

When did women start viewing other women as competition? When did we cast aside the idea that we are all sisters and we all struggle in much the same way? In an institution like a university, where we are all expected to be at a certain level at a certain time, I have felt this competition and jealousy at extreme levels. And my heart just can't take it. 

In lieu of getting too personal and writing a short novel, I will say this: every woman struggles. We are all doing our best with what we have. Jealousy of other women and their accomplishments/looks/weight/relationship will get us nowhere. If I could impart any wisdom to young girls, it would be to stick together. Life gets rough, and men don't always understand. Look at every woman as your sister, because in a roundabout way, she is. 

Image via thefreewoman.com