I Really Love Chicago And The Man I Met There

I probably annoy people by how much I gush about Chicago and my love...but I'm just really thankful for the both of them.

This summer is proving to be a fun one. Although wedding planning can be stressful at times, we're able to put it all aside and enjoy ourselves. We've spent a good amount of time downtown, which makes me one happy girl. Also, my little sister is living with my for the summer and I think we're having a really good time. Wedding planning is just more fun when your maid of honor lives with you. 

My love took me to my first Cubs game! I'm a little embarrassed to say that it was also my first ever baseball game in general...but he didn't judge me for it. It was freezing cold and raining but we were tough and stayed until the 7th inning. 

We jutted over to St. Louis for the rest of the weekend for a friends wedding. The wedding was lovely, but the hot, humid and rainy weather had us feeling a little...grumpy. 

That's what we look like while waiting almost two hours to go up into the St. Louis arch ^^. 

My love takes me to really fun places and pays for me when I'm low on cash. I really appreciate it. So love, if you read this, know that you're loved more and more everyday.