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Vogue published an article featuring models with their children. I found it to be so beautiful and uplifting. Although I have yet to have children of my own, I am often saddened by the way motherhood is portrayed. Ted and I are so incredibly excited to have children. Whenever they may come, we will consider them an enormous blessing. From the moment that Ted and I began talking about marriage and a future together, we've been "warned" not to have children too soon. It's almost as if the thought of our children makes people cringe.

I suppose to many it may seem that starting a family young will "waste" our young years, our time to be selfish. But I can't help but disagree. I'm not sure when I'll become a mother. It could be within our first year of marriage, or ten years in. Either way, I will consider motherhood to be one of my highest callings. I can't wait to see my love be the wonderful Papa I know he'll be. I simply can't wait.

Seeing motherhood portrayed in such an artistic way is so refreshing. Motherhood, in all its forms, is so beautiful.