Bridal Shower : Part 2

The food at my bridal shower was so amazing that I had to dedicate an entire post to it!

What I really loved about the menu at my shower was it's simplicity. Although simple, the food was beautifully made and so delicious! It's all about presentation. 

How cute are these fruit shish kebabs? All you need is any fruit of your choice and some skewers. These are especially perfect for picnics or beach day. 

My mom makes the cutest cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, a raspberry and a sprig of mint. 

Why is it that anything on a stick always tastes better?

Here's the full menu : 

  • Cucumber Sandwiches : bread, butter, a pinch of salt and some cucumber. Cut into circles.
  • Ham Sandwiches : white bread bun, mayo, mustard, ham. Add a toothpick with a pickle through it because it's cute.
  • Doughnut Tier
  • Fruit Kebabs : we used strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes. 
  •  Vegetable Tray 
  • Tomato Kebabs : cherry tomatoes, both red and yellow, mozzarella cheese and sprigs of basil.
  •  Chocolate Cupcakes : raspberry and mint sprig to make it pretty.