Classical Music And Food

Sunday was such a classy day for us. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra played at their outdoor venue, Rivinia. I played French Horn through college and so greatly appreciate the hard work musicians put in. They were amazing.

Everyone brings their own wine and snacks to Rivinia. Some people had the most elaborate picnics. I'm talking candelabras and floral arrangements...we opted for a simple picnic on my favorite blanket. We had the best time. 

Ted has been the sweetest fiance lately. He's been taking me to thrift shops all around Chicago looking for cute summer things for me to wear. He's so supportive, even when it comes to my wardrobe. The dress I'm wearing was under $20. Score.

My life was made complete when this little old man came around with a "quiet please" sign. It was so cute and I appreciated the gesture. 

What a cute man I have.