Engagement Photos

They're here, they're here! Our engagement photos are ready and posted and we are so happy with them.

We had so much fun shooting these photos. Our close friend, Aaron Bean, is a very talented photographer and really knows how to capture the love that me and my sweet man share. We shot these pictures at Starved Rock Nature Preserve about an hour outside the city. By the time that we got to the site of the shoot we barely had two hours of sunlight left, so I was so impressed by the shots Aaron was able to get. 

The last three photos were taken in almost complete darkness, which I think is so amazing. And yes, we did stand under a waterfall. I may or may not have freaked out a bit. And Ted may or may not have had to practically carry me across that dark, murky pond. It was cold and buggy and dark and exhilarating and I loved it. 

Thanks again Aaron! Your talent is such a blessing to us. Check him out at www.aaronbeancinema.com.