Weekend Fun

I'm not really into the bar scene these days. Maybe it's the old lady in me, but I would much rather read a magazine at home, all cozy with my love next to me. I wanted a Bachelorette party because I didn't want to miss out on the experience ( I have a fear of missing out) but I knew the typical, sometimes vulgar, party wasn't for me. So we planned a really nice dinner downtown at the Sienna Tavern with all my bridesmaids, followed by pictures at Millennium Park and a BYOB painting class. It was fun to unwind and laugh with my ladies. 

I have so many more pictures of the day that I'll share later. Sunday we spent the day at Glencoe Beach. The beach wasn't closed this time (yay) but it was cloudy and drizzling. Either way we made the best of it and soaked in what sun there was. 

Also, we're getting married in less than two weeks. (?!?!)