My Favorites Parts Of Married Life, So Far

Ted and I have officially been married 27 days! And we both agree that this has been the best month of our lives. 

Here are some of my favorite things about married life :

  • Being able to call my love 'family'. 
  • Introducing myself as Cassandra Fischer. Still getting used to that.
  • Watching 'Friends' before we go to bed.
  • Letting him see me in the ugly moments. While we dated I thought I would hate being so vulnerable with a man. I'm talking no makeup, first thing in the morning vulnerable. But it's solidified my confidence in his love for me. 
  • Dreaming about our future children. 
  • Feeling so much more fulfillment at work because I know I'm helping support not only myself, but my love. 
  • Our little apartment. We love it. 
  • Being able to choose love, everyday.