We're In Guatemala

We're here! It's surreal to be in Guatemala semi-permanently. We've been planning this trip since before we were engaged and spent our almost 6 months of marriage raising support and planning. We flew in last Friday, feeling ready and excited. We stayed two days in Amatitlan before heading to Xela for language school. 

In a word, I'm overwhelmed. Not necessarily in a bad way, but sensory overload to say the least. Ted is fluent in Spanish, but I would be lying if I said I was. I study privately with a tutor for 4.5 hours a day, then venture out into the city for immersion training. The family we are living with, three older sisters who look and act like Guatemalan Golden Girls, speak no English. Understanding what people are saying to me requires my complete and total undivided attention. By the end of the day, my brain is completely fried. In a strange way it feels good. I know I'm learning valuable and usable information. But I may need to start taking daily naps.

This place is becoming more familiar and homey to us. I'm becoming used to the loud traffic and barking dogs. I love the view of the volcano from every angle of the city. We found a small cafe next to our school called The Green Cafe. It reminds me of home and it feels nice to blog from here.  I'm tired, but it's all good. Ted works tirelessly to make sure I'm safe and comfortable. Thank God for him. We're going to have fun here ;) More pictures to come!