A Weekend Away

Ted, being the sweet man he is, planned a weekend away for me in a pretty lake town called Panajachel. I've been over working myself a bit lately. I'm taking online graphic design classes that are much more time consuming than I thought they would be. I also opened an Etsy shop (check it out here if you'd like). I'm having a lot of fun with it and it helps me build a portfolio for future design work, but it is very time consuming!  Anyways, I needed a break, so we traveled two hours to a small town surrounded by a huge lake and volcanoes. 

Panajachel is a bit of a hippie town, we saw many Americans who had sort of left it all behind and started a new life in this small place. We were offered a lot of weed (no we didn't take any) and felt a bit out of place once in a while, but it is still a nice tourist destination.

Our first meal tasted so good but didn't make us feel so hot...I wouldn't say we got food poisoning, per se,  but we definitely didn't feel right. In fact I'm still in bed recovering. But we pushed through and explored Panajachel's nature preserve, which was very cool. We crossed one of those bridges that you see in the movies, the ones that are made of rope and swing back and forth. Terrifying. Ted took a video of me holding onto the sides for dear life. You can also see the moment he drops the lens cap through the bridge (hahaha)

This is our last week of language school before we prepare for our work in Gualan! We are a bit nervous to get started but we are excited to start the work God has planned for us.