Baby Regis

I haven't posted in so long because we have been crazy busy! I was in a rough place when I wrote my last post, but I'm so happy to say that things are certainly looking up :)

^^That little face has brought us so much joy in the last few weeks! Meet Regis, the newest member of our family and our first baby ;) We picked him up two weeks ago and he has brought us so much joy and so many laughs. This little puppy is naughty. We can't let him out of our sight for more than a few minutes. The teething stage is in full swing, so everything within reach ends up in his mouth. But besides a few time-outs, he's been the sweetest addition to our family. Regis loves to be with us at all times, loves his stuffed elephant, Ellie, and snores loudly when he sleeps.  He loves to run and play fetch, and has yet to bark at a single stranger (I have a feeling he won't be a guard dog). 

We went to a beach during Easter break and introduced Regis to the ocean! He was nervous at first but grew to love it. Watching him swim is one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life. 

Parenting a puppy is no joke folks! It's tiring and time consuming. But he is the cutest distraction and we love him to death.